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Updated July 23, 2015


  1. We require 15-calendar days notice for use of equipment.
    • You will receive an email response within 48 hours from the time of completion of the online form (link above) from either Dr. Santhanakrishnan or Dr. Elbing.
    • Dr. Santhanakrishnan and Dr. Elbing will update the Google calendar for equipment usage once a request has been approved.
  2. Any requests made short of 15-days notice (e.g., 1 week notice) will be treated on a case-by-case basis.
    • Make your requests early to avoid this problem!
  3. If there are conflicts with multiple requests for the same component(s), Dr. Santhanakrishnan and Dr. Elbing will decide on usage based on specific priorities.
  4. Usage of any/all of the educational system PIV components for courses/labs (e.g., 4273, 5233, etc.) will take first priority over any other requests for research.  
    • This means that educational system PIV components can be requested for course usage without having to go through the 15-day notice process.
    • A shorter notice of 7-days will be required to check out educational system components for course use. TAs for the class will need to go through steps #1 and #2 above.
      • This means that if you are using the educational system components and any/all of them are requested for course usage, you will be mandated to turn it into the TA/course instructor within 7-calendar days.
  5. IF you need to continue use of equipment for more than 15-days starting from your scheduled check-out date, you will have to wait for another 15-days to get them---unless no pending requests have been made for the same components you need/possess.
    • You will need to do submit a new form (same link as above) for renewal/extension requests to continue use of the loaned components.  
      • This needs to be done at least 7-days in advance of when your scheduled check out date is going to be.
    • Renewal requests will be treated on a case-by-case basis by us.  You may be required to justify why the additional time is needed for your request.
    • There is a really good chance that no one will be able to continuously use equipment for more than 21 calendar days.
      • It is up to you to maximize ALL of the clock time from the 1st checkout day, so as to complete your experiments by 3 weeks.  

Equipment time should be treated preciously by each and every one of you!


Available Resources:

[All educational system components are in italics]


  1. Research PIV PC
  2. UG PIV PC


  1. Photonics high-speed (HS) Nd:YLF laser
  2. Gemini Nd:YAG laser
  3. CW laser + laser scanner assembly
  4. Oxford IR laser


  1. sCMOS cameras (2x)
  2. Phantom M110 HS cameras (2x)
  3. HighSpeedStar HS camera (1x)


  1. High-speed PTU #1 (research)
  2. Standard PTU (1x)
  3. High-speed PTU #2


  1. Nikon Micro Nikkor 60 mm (2x)
  2. Nikon 50 mm (1x)


  1. Stereo target (1x)
  2. Scheimpflug adapters (2x)
  3. Camera rail mount (1x)
  4. Seeding: Hollow glass spheres (10 micron), 3M hollow glass spheres seeding particles
  5. 532 nm light sheet optics adapter mount
  6. Laser safety googles

*Cables, power supplies, etc. for each camera are assumed to be included in the request and must be provided to the student w/ the formally approved request.