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1. MAE 4273 - Experimental Fluid Dynamics:

  • Graduate level & senior level course (3 credit hours); Experimental study of basic and applied fluid dynamics systems with comparisons to analytical predictions. Fluid dynamics instrumentation, digital data acquisition and processing, design of facilities and experiments, technical report writing and design project with experimental verification.

  • Course syllabus: click HERE.

2. MAE 5233 - Advanced Fluid Dynamics I:

  • Beginning graduate level course (3 credit hours) in fluid dynamics. Topics included introduction to fluid flows; governing equations for mass, momentum and energy; exact solutions of Navier-Stokes' equations; dimensional analysis and similitude; potential flows; boundary layer theory; low Reynolds number flows; introduction to vorticity dynamics.

  • Course syllabus: click HERE.

3.  MAE 6233 - Turbulent Fluid Dynamics:

  • Advanced graduate level course (3 credit hours) on a first course in turbulence. Topics include physical concepts from turbulence, statistical descriptions, free-shear and wall-bounded turbulent flows, modeling approaches (RANS and LES). Course assessment criteria include: written summaries of reading assignments (handouts and paper critiques), student authored review paper, homework assignments and exams.

  • Course syllabus: click HERE.